Inspection Services

You will get a high-quality home inspection backed by experience and care.

Residential Home Inspections

Our residential home inspections are designed to give you peace of mind when purchasing or selling a home. Our experienced inspectors meticulously assess every aspect of the property, from the foundation to the roof, to identify any potential issues or safety concerns. With our comprehensive reports, you'll have a clear understanding of the home's condition, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Thermal Imaging

At All Points Inspections LLC, we include thermal imaging at no extra cost with our residential inspections. Our advanced technology detects hidden issues within your property, providing insights into potential structural concerns, plumbing issues, or electrical anomalies. It's all part of our commitment to thorough residential inspections and your peace of mind.

Sewer Scope Inspections

At All Points Inspections LLC, we offer comprehensive sewer scope inspections to ensure the hidden health of your home. Our advanced camera technology allows us to thoroughly inspect your sewer and drainage lines, identifying potential issues such as blockages, cracks, corrosion, and misalignment. By investing in a sewer scope inspection, you can prevent costly repairs, protect your home's plumbing system, and gain peace of mind about your property's overall condition.

Commercial Inspections

(We specialize in restaurants!)

Our commercial inspections provide thorough assessments of commercial properties, including office buildings, retail spaces, and industrial facilities. We understand the unique challenges and complexities associated with commercial real estate, and our expert team will conduct a detailed inspection to identify any structural, mechanical, or safety issues. Our comprehensive reports will assist you in making informed decisions regarding your commercial investment.

Rental Inspections

As a landlord, ensuring the safety and habitability of your rental property is crucial. Our rental inspection service helps you meet legal requirements and protect your investment. Our knowledgeable inspectors will thoroughly evaluate the property, checking for compliance with building codes, identifying maintenance issues, and ensuring a safe environment for tenants. With our detailed reports, you can address any concerns promptly and maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

Radon Testing

Radon is a silent threat that can affect the air quality in your home or workplace. Our radon testing service helps you detect and mitigate this invisible gas. Our certified professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to measure radon levels accurately. By identifying any potential radon hazards, we empower you to take appropriate actions to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Mold Testing

Mold growth can compromise indoor air quality and pose health risks. Our mold testing service aims to identify and assess mold presence in residential and commercial spaces. Our skilled technicians collect samples and conduct thorough analysis to determine the type and extent of mold growth. With our detailed reports, you can initiate timely mold remediation efforts, creating a healthier living or working environment.

Air Quality Testing

Breathing clean and healthy air is essential for overall well-being. Our air quality testing service provides comprehensive evaluations of indoor air quality in residential and commercial settings. We assess factors such as particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, and more. By identifying potential pollutants and contaminants, we help you take proactive steps to improve indoor air quality and promote a healthier living or working environment.